I’m a Doctor working as Hospitalist and Tech enthusiast with strong interest in clinical research,Bayesian statistics,prognostic clinical models,machine learning and coding medical software

Clinical Research

My Clinical Research Profile is here ..

Medical Applications

you can Interpret Arterial Blood Gases by ABG calculator here ..

Android Apps Developed by me here and here .

Statistical Applications

Bayesian Interpratation of clinical Trial : Bayesian clinical trial interpretation here ..

Type S and M error Calculator : Type S and M error Calculator here ..

Bayes Factor (Diene's) Calculator : Bayes Factor here ..

Checking for data fabrication in RCT by checking for baseline data difference using Carlisle's Method : Data Fabrication Check here ..

Prediction Interval For Random effect Meta-analysis: Random Effect Prediction Interval here ..

Two One sided Test(TOST) for Equivalence : TOST here ..

P value to tscore and standard error calculator : T score Calculator here ..


Simulation of Grade Inflation in CBSE class XII exams.